Last week, the Foreign Affairs Committee of House of Commons concluded its inquiry into UK-Turkey relations and published its findings and recommendations in the form of an 82-paged report. That report was the outcome of 8-months’ worth of research; written and oral evidence from a range of people including independent scholars, the Turkish Embassy, the FCO and even ‘Gülenists’; confidential evidence; numerous meetings and extensive internal deliberations. While the reports focus was on UK-Turkey relations, Turkey’s recourse to explaining almost every negative development in Turkey by reference to the Gülen movement inevitably caused the Committee to look into the movement and its alleged role in last year’s failed coup. In doing so, the Committee invited participants of the Gülen/Hizmet movement in the US and UK to address the allegations. Initially, the Alliance for Shared Values (AfSV) and Dialogue Platform did so in the form of written evidence and an oral hearing, both of which were made public at the time. Following some of the questions posed during the oral hearing and intervening developments that happened since, the AfSV and the Dialogue Platform submitted additional written evidence to the Committee after the oral hearing. This additional evidence can now be accessed here.